Exactly Know Each Step in PCB Process

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PCB manufacturing is a crucial stage that stands between the design of every technology device and the finished product. Critical business metrics - cost, quality, delivery, etc. - are directly affected by the quality of the manufacturing process. Today, PCB manufacturing performance and productivity are under threat as customers’ delivery requirements become more volatile and pressure on both the engineering and materials infrastructures continues to grow. In this dynamic and competitive environment, successful PCB manufacturing must follow eight steps. Here we talk the fourth point in detail--- know exactly what you are doing at each stage in the process.

SMT machines are now very fast, and SMT materials have become very small. It is impossible to follow the operation of SMT machines without delicate equipment. This affects both the reliability of on-time delivery of products, and stresses the associated production resources and materials supply chains. Planning changes required to meet changing demands can be very risky to execute because of all the unknowns that need to be assessed. Also, the timing of changeovers between products cannot be predicted accurately which creates bottlenecks. 

The situation is so terrible that data from the SMT production process generally has minimal value. It is inaccurate, incomplete, unqualified, and arrives too late to be acted upon. All this creates a huge limitation for successful productivity improvement initiatives, planning optimization, material delivery, and resource management.

Thus, the introduction of advanced capabilities is really matter which provides new approaches that can collect and process data in real-time. Events and supporting data are read and normalized, eliminating differences in the data format and meaning, and harmonized for a single common language. 


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