Fast Print PCB

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fast print PCB

It is a vital task to design a printed circuit board in CAD and inspect it before sending it to production. On the other hand, PCB production requires a lot of steps, and each stage is tested to eliminate even minor errors that make it tedious. All steps cost a lot of precious time. Nowadays, time is money, so modern production lines have been transferred to the rapid printing PCB production to meet the urge for the quantity with lesser time possible. Although time is valuable, but in the rapid printing PCB production, the priority is still given to the quality.

The main difference between traditional and fast print PCBs is that multiple steps are performed by multiple teams or machines at the same time. This not only reduces the time but also the defective PCB probability. Unlike component assembly line which utilizes the multistage production at a time, PCB requires its physical presence on every stage. So designers arrange necessary aspects of a actual production stage before hand and forged together at the production line by a cleaver management. Fast print PCBs are typically available for small volume order due to low production capability.

Almost all manufacturers are committed to providing typical medium order of double side within 48 hours. For multilayer PCBs, it needs 2 days to 1 week depended on the number of layers. As the layer increases, the production steps are rising exponentially. On a fast scale, the probability of producing errors and defects is high due to many steps are handled in a short time. In order to prevent this time-consuming test is included in each step of production as a mandatory step. Fast printing PCB is limited to small volume and low layer board, which is a significant drawback.

Fast Print PCB  

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