Flex Rigid PCB Board

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Flex-Rigid PCB

Flex rigid PCB or rigid flex PCB is the combination of rigid and flexible PCB. It can provide good reliability like rigid PCB, and have better flexible performance like flex PCB. In the article, EPCB introduces something related to flex rigid PCB board

A good choice for smart devices: Most smart devices like virtual reality devices require small and flexible component, but most components cannot design with flexible function, so the flex rigid PCB is the best choice. That’ because the rigid part of flex rigid PCB can provide good contact stability to ensure the smart device has good mechanical ability, while the flex part can connect all components very flexible option.

Simplified the assembly process: We all know that flex rigid PCB has good mechanical and connected ability. Flex rigid PCB can provide three dimensional freedom of design which means that its assembly process become much easier.

Save the total cost: First, you should know that reduce the total cost of flex rigid board doesn’t mean cheaper price. In fact, the price of flex rigid PCB is higher than rigid PCB board to most PCB manufacturers. The total cost is reduced from 2 parts. One depends on its easy assembly process; always assembly process spends 50 to 70 percent of the total cost. Another is due to the current market. That’s why more and more PCB manufacturers can provide relatively cheap flex rigid PCB with good quality.

Flex Rigid PCB  

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