Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Benefits

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Flex and rigid-flex PCB board allow you to design the circuitry to fit the device, instead of building a device to fit the circuit board. They are largely used in the industry of aerospace, medical and military applications thanks to dependable reliability.

Flex PCB

Flex circuits offer multiple advantages, and the following will show you some key benefits of using flex and rigid-flex circuit technology.

Package Size & Weight Reduction
1.Flexible circuit boards fit where no other solutions can.
2.Flexible circuit boards are thin and light weight which enables a substantial packaging size reduction.
3.They have the ability to be folded or creased and positioned into the smallest areas makes miniaturization of many devices possible.
4.Space requirements can be minimized by applying the freedom of 3D packaging geometry.
5.Using a flex circuit solution into your design can offer a substantial weight reduction benefit over using wires and wire harnesses.

Reliability & Durability
1.Increased reliability by eliminating interface connections (solder joints, connectors, contact crimps etc.).
2.The fewer number of interconnects, the fewer the sources of potential failure.
3.Rigid-flex technology which integrates both a flex circuit and a rigid PCB further reduces the number of interconnects.
4.Flex circuit’s ductility and low mass will reduce the impact of vibration and shock and improve performance.
5.The exceptional thermal stability of polyimide allows the circuit to withstand applications with extreme heat, as the materials excellent thermal stability provides a better base for surface mounting than traditional boards. Because the compliant base film places less stress on soldered joints, thermal mismatch is less likely to occur.
6.Used extensively in high reliability military and medical applications.

Shielded Applications
1.EMI and RF shielding is available.
2.Multiple options including sliver ink, copper layers, and EMI shielding films.

Flex PCB  Rigid-Flex PCB  

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