Flexible Circuit Board

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Flexible Circuit Board

A flexible circuit board is an arrangement of conductors mounted on a flexible circuit base or substrate and supported by a flexible dielectric film. These features distinguish flexible PCB from rigid one, and enable it to meet a broad range of application requirements.

To bend flexible circuit board repeatedly without damage, the conductors are mounted, the adhesive used in binding, and any cover layer materials must be as flexible as the base board, and these types of circuits are often categorized according to the flexibility of their component parts. Aside from bending, the thinness of the dielectric material is one of the main properties of a flexible circuit, as it can support a high level of heat management and component strain relief in thermal cycling processes. Likewise, the potential for solder joint strain is greatly reduced in flexible circuitry.

Unlike standard circuit boards, flexible circuit boards are typically fabricated by polyimide (PI) or polyester materials instead of epoxy- and glass-based fabrics. Surface wiring can be done using acrylic or epoxy adhesive to bond copper foils and photolithography may be employed to establish a copper wiring pattern.

Flexible circuitry benefits from having a relatively simple assembly that can be bent around components and attached to a chassis, the ability to create uniform electrical characteristics under specific positioning of conductors and insulation, and numerous other advantages that enable this technology to be a versatile solution for electronics and integrated circuit applications. The factors used in selecting a flexible circuit typically include cost, function, reliability, manufacturing requirements, and packaging efficiency.

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