Flexible PCB Cost Savings

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Flexible PCB

You may know flexible PCB can cost saving, but why? In this article, EPCB starts from several factors below:

Due to thin and flexible polyimide film, flexible PCB has good flexible performance and requires a much smaller space to assembly. This point is very important, because smaller space will reduce the overall finished assembly, packaging size and material requirement costs. Also smaller product shapes sometimes can save mold design and manufacture cost.

Flexible PCB can simplify the assembly flow. If you have visited a traditional PCB assembly plant, you will find there were 4-5 workers in one PCB assembly flow, even though, some errors cannot avoid 100 percent. But this situation will not occur in flexible PCB assembly plants due to its simplified flow. Most flexible PCB assembly can only be installed one way and very simplified.

Flexible PCB can reduce operating time. The operating time covers flexible PCB routing, test, rework and rejections etc. It’s a very complex system to improve. But if you ask a professional, flexible PCB manufacturer like EPCB, you will reduce most of operating time. 

We have rich experience of flexible PCB assembly, and are able to help you solve some mistakes during the design and fabrication process of flexible PCB board.

Flexible PCB  

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