Flexible PCBs

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Flexible PCB

With the usage of flexible circuit technology, printed circuit board’s performance has increased a lot, and its interconnect reliability has improved at the same time. In this article, the ultra-thin chip package will be described by EPCB.

Flexible printed circuit boards are largely used in consumer electronic devices, especially in handheld and mobile devices. Its increased functional density, enlarged user comfort, decreased volume and weight, sound performance, larger design freedom and improved interconnect reliability all made it possible to be used in space projects.

Traditionally, flat rigid substrates, like FR-4 PCBs, are used to fabricate electronic printed circuit boards. Packaged integrated circuits and passive components were assembled onto the rigid PCB by soldering before. Actually, printed circuit boards used in mobile, portable or wearable devices need to be seamlessly integrated into the object. Only this way can customers feel comfortable and satisfied with the electronic devices. However, standard circuits fail to fulfil these requirements nowadays. Fortunately, with the usage of ultra-thin chip package technology, customers’ comfort can be improved as printed circuit boards become much smaller, and its three-dimensional variant, following the random shape of the object or body part onto which it is integrated are more comfortable. The strength of ultra-thin chip package technology is that it can embed 20 to 30μm thick chips in a stack-up layer. 

Flexible PCB  

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