Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier

Dated:2016-08-14      Popularity:1519


A full-wave bridge rectifier is a type of single phase rectifier uses four individual rectifying diodes connected in a closed loop “bridge” configuration to produce the desired output. It is twice as efficient of a half-wave rectifier, and has a higher output power and higher output voltage, the transformer utilization factor is higher than in a single-tap rectifier, and the core will have no problems due to direct current saturation. The full-wave bridge rectifier is getting more popular due to these advantages over half-wave and center-tap rectifiers. A bridge rectifier transforms alternating current into direct current using an arrangement of diodes. A full-wave bridge rectifier uses four specifically placed diodes that are connected to a closed loop which produces the desired output. The full-wave bridge rectifier is very efficient and has a large voltage and power output.

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