Good Platforms For New PCB Designers

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This article is written for new graduates or people who just begin to study PCB design. Here are some online resources that will help you learn more about PCB design.

To study the PCB design, there are various choices available on the Internet. Some of them are listed below.

It’s true that you can almost find all solutions on everything on YouTube. There are tutorial videos on almost every available PCB design software, and some of them are really in detail. The following are some of the famous channels for PCB design, they are Labcenter Electronics (Proteus), Altium, Robert Ferance (best for advanced level),  Parsgs EDA (Cadance), and Engineered.

If you are willing to spend some money for further PCB study. Udemy is a good choice which has some better PCB design courses and also provides certification.

In order to get high quality PCB design experience and skills. Always use high quality professional tools are really recommended, though it may cost you more, such as Orcad from Cadance, Altium, Eagle, Proteus, Upverter, etc.
Still if you want to start from a free version or open source software. Here are some good choices, for example,  Ki cad and Firtzing.

PCB Supplier-- AltiumPCB Supplier-- ProteusPCB Supplier-- Upverter

Once you've learned everything and had enough practice, you can do some real-time work to test your skills. To get PCB design related work, you can always visit the following two famous freelancing website, Upwork or Freelancer.

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