Guidelines for PCB Components Placement

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There are a few things you should keep in the back of your head before you place your components on a printed circuit board. Before turning your PCB schematic into a physical board layout, the following several guidelines are recommended for you to observe.

1.THD components with polarity are required to place in the same direction, and as tidy as possible. Suppose SMD components are unable to place in the same direction, keep them in the same X or Y direction is accepted.

2.Leave at least 0.5mm distance between SMD’s radiator and other components, don’t make them touch the other.

3.Thermo sensors like electrolytic capacitors, crystal oscillators, etc. should be put on the windward side and far away from high heat components.

4.To meet the equipment installation space requirements, do not touch or stack the PCB components.

5.High-heat-load components like power inductors,  power regulators, etc. are required put at least 20mm space from the panel edge. This can avoid temperature goes uneven of reflow oven guide rail that may affect soldering.

6.High-heat-load components like power inductors,  power regulators, etc. are required at least 20mm space among each other, which is to avoid large PCB partial heat load.

Hope the above 6 tips can help you fine tune PCB component placement in your next PCB design.

the placement of pcb component

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