High Density Interconnect Boards

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High Density Interconnect Board

The advent of revolutionary electronic products, driven by miniaturization of components and semiconductor packages supporting advanced features, is driving the printed circuit board industry to increase the functionality of their boards within the same or reduced areas. This includes products such as the hand-held touch-screen computers, 4G network communications, and industrial and military applications such as smart ammunitions and avionics. Eminent PCB manufacturers are providing solutions for the above with high density interconnect (HDI) boards.

HDI PCBs use high performance thin materials as prepregs, have fine copper lines, and use the Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC) technology to offer very thin flexible PCBs with very high functional density per unit area. Advanced HDI PCBs make use of multiple layers of copper filled stacked in-pad micro-vias that enable interconnections with even greater complexity.

Advantages of HDI board are as follows. The smaller size and weight of HDI circuitry means that the circuit boards fit into smaller spaces and have less mass than conventional printed circuit designs. The smaller size and weight also contributes to less chance of damage from mechanical shocks.

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