High Frequency PCBs Design Tips

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It is known to all, PCB design is crucial to the following PCB manufacturing process. To achieve more reasonable design and better anti-interference ability for high frequency PCB, EPCB sincerely suggests PCB designers or engineers should consider the following tips.

1. Use inner layer as power ground layer, which can shield and decrease spurious inductance, shorten signal wire length, and reduce cross interference between signals.

2. To reduce high frequency signal emission and couple with each other, the degree angle in a circuit must be turn with 45.

3. The shorter the better for length of circuit layout, and the less the better for through holes. 

4. It is better to bridge a decoupling capacitor in the power section of an integrated circuit.

5. Layers should be designed in vertical direction so as to reduce the signal interference. It is better to make top layer in a horizontal direction, and bottom layer in a vertical direction.

6. To reduce the signal interference, you can increase more copper on ground layer. Or you can pack important signal traces or interference sources carefully to improve signal anti-interference ability.

PCBs  Design Tips  

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