High PCB Demands led by LG New Product

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South Korea LG Group accelerated investment in mainland. Its subsidiary LGD, as a pioneer, is scheduled to expand OLED production capacity this year, which will benefit flexible PCB factories, equipment factories, material suppliers and other OLED components factories.

For the first time, LGD publicly displayed the 65-inch UHD roll-to-roll television and 55-inch transparent display products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a bid to tap the unique value brought by new OLED technologies to the market. LGD also forecasted that new applications will be actively explored in OLED and high-end LCD market.

The industry pointed out that transparent products launched by LGD will drive the demand of PCB-related high-end flexible PCB boards and high-speed transmission materials. Coupled with only a few manufacturers have the certificate for the key equipment of the 8.5 generation OLED production line, the supply chain in Taiwan will get more attention this year.

This year, LGD aims to expand the global OLED and LCD market continuously. The industry anticipates that with the launch of new products, LGD will also accelerate the investment and new production capacity in mainland.

Korean officials have approved the LGD application on December 26th last year for building 8.5 generation OLED panel production plant in the mainland of China. According to the plan, LGD aims to invest 8.5 generation OLED production lines in the next three years. It is estimated that the total OLED output this year will reach 2.8 million with an annual increase of 64.7%.

LGD is scheduled to invest 1.8 trillion KRW to build OLED factories in mainland China outside Guangzhou. According to LGD official report, currently 8 generation OLED panel production lines is operated in Guangzhou, and module factories is run in Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Yantai.

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