High-Performance CCL

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copper clad laminate

The rapid development of the electronics industry brought the waste of electronic products caused by pollution problems. Studies have shown that halogen-containing compounds or resins as flame retardants for electrical products (including printed circuit board substrates) can produce hazardous substances after incineration.

With the downstream demand of PCB differentiation, automotive electronics, LED, etc., have made special requirements for CCL (copper clad laminate). Demand for halogen-free, lead-free, high Tg, high frequency, high thermal conductivity and other high-performance special CCL is increasing.

Environmental-friendly materials are developing rapidly. With the environmental awareness improved and stringent inspection checked by environmental scrutiny, countries worldwide have introduced the relevant laws or regulations on the restrictions of using printed circuit board halogen. Since 2008, driven by the international giants, electronics industry called for more halogen-free voice. Greenpeace will launch a quarterly green electronic ranking, thus Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Apple and many other electronic giants required using halogen-free sheet.

Featuring no patchwork, good showing results, long life and other advantages, small-pitch LEDs explosively grew, at the same time. LED’s rapid development highlighted high thermal conductivity CCL.

CCL  Copper Clad Laminate  

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