How Does the Wire Harness Help in Your PCB Project?

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Wire Harness

When it comes to the protection of your project, the wire harness can serve many functions. It can assist in the device’s longevity as well as prevent damage to you and other electrical components. When developing electronics for projects, it could be easy to overlook the importance of a wiring harness. 

The wiring harness does more than merely keep the wires and cables tidy upon examination. While this is an important aspect for promoting a professional look to your finished product, the harness itself can serve multiple purposes for protecting electronics. 

Protection against Compromised Wires
A wire is still capable of transmitting data and/or electricity although it may have a small cut or otherwise exposed copper line. In many situations, these cuts could be incredibly small and difficult to identify. Often times these small cuts are caused by various tools and chassis installations. It’s not uncommon for electronics to remain completely functional as technicians may miss the compromised wire. By installing a harness over these wires, you reduce the chances of that particular wire from grounding out onto other components within the project. Components assembled onto the printed circuit board are incredibly sensitive and the slightest amount of charge can destroy the functionality of the PCB.

Preventing Direct Physical Damage
Wires contained inside a harness have an added layer of protection from various elements within any given project. Direct damage can be caused by a variety of objects ranging from screw drivers held by technicians to moving fans and other metallic parts within the chassis. Instead of compromising the plastic coating of a wire, the harness can absorb most, if not all, of the damage. This can help reduce the cause of product failure being attributed to damage to those particular wires and cables.

Preventing Damage from Heat
Electronic devices can create an incredible amount of heat. While this is usually dependent on the amount of power that is consumed by any particular device, the high temperatures can cause damage to wiring. Heated metal caused by the overall functionality of the device could melt through the protective plastic coating. Without a harness to reduce the damage, the wire could ground out on the metal object causing malfunctions and failure within the device.

Wiring Harness  

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