How Many Amps Can A 10 Gauge Wire Carry?

Dated:2016-10-28      Popularity:1432

Copper Wire

The maximum current capacity of 10 gauge AWG copper wire varies based on the length of the wire. For a 12-volt system, 10 AWG wire safely conducts up to 20 amps for 15 feet or up to 5 amps for 70 feet.

American Wire Gauge or Brown & Sharpe wire gauge is a standardized wire gauge system used in the United States since 1857. The system measures the diameter of electrically conducting wire using measurements based on the ASTM standard B258. As wire gauges increase, wire diameters decrease as well as current capacity. Doubling the diameter of the wire decreases the gauge by six. For example, 2 AWG wire is twice as thick as 8 AWG wire.


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