How PCB Design for Manufacturing Works?

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Design for manufacturing is particularly important because it may directly influence the quality of a PCB production. The principles or guidelines that are structured to help the designer reduce the cost and difficulty of manufacturing an item. In this article, we state few guidelines about design for manufacturing.

a. Avoid separate fasteners: The use of fasteners increases the cost of manufacturing due to the handling and feeding operations that have to be performed though these operations are not 100% successful.

b. Design parts for multi-use: Different products can share parts that have been designed for multi-use. These parts can have the same or different functions when used in different products

c. Develop a modular design: The use of modules in product design simplifies manufacturing activities such as inspection, testing, assembly, purchasing, redesign, maintenance, etc.

d. Ease of fabrication: Select the optimum combination between the material and fabrication process to minimize the overall manufacturing cost.

e. Maximize compliance: Errors may occur during insertion operations due to variations in part dimensions or on the accuracy of the positioning device used. This faulty behavior can cause damage to the part or to the equipment, so it is necessary to cover compliance in the part design and in the assembly process.

f. Minimize assembly directions: All parts should be assembled from one direction. If possible, the best way to add parts is from above, in a vertical direction, parallel to the gravitational direction.

g. Minimize handling: Handling consists of positioning, orienting, and fixing a part or component. To facilitate orientation, symmetrical parts should be used when ever possible. If it is not possible, then the asymmetry must be exaggerated to avoid failures.

h. Reduce the total number of parts: Reduce the total number of parts in a product can reduce much manufacturing cost. Less parts means less inventory, handling, processing time, development time, equipment, engineering time, assembly difficulty, service inspection, testing, etc. 

i. Use standard components: Standard components are less expensive but still have well reliability.

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