How To Find A Best PCB Supplier

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PCB Supplier

You may find it is difficult to choose a reliable PCB supplier among the abundance of PCB suppliers now. This is especially true when the order is made online without any visual inspection of the production facility itself. It’s inevitable that there are some risks involved in trying new source of PCB suppliers but here’s how you could minimize them.

1.Ask Right Questions
A good PCB supplier can easily answer fundamental technical questions about PCB design and production. You can ask what is the best material for high-speed design or how to protect the PCB in wet conditions. The quality of the answer may reflect the professionalism of the supplier.

2.PCB Cost Saving Service
A reliable PCB supplier can help you achieve  cost-effective and cost-saving PCB manufacturing process. They will advise how to reduce the cost of the assembly process. It is also important that there are no hidden costs in any of their services.

3.No Minimum Order
To evaluate a PCB supplier, you must place an order to assess the board quality. Although recommendations and references can be convincing, the actual experience is the best guarantee. Start by placing a small quantity.

4.After Sales Service
A great PCB supplier also offers excellent after-sales service whether they are operating locally or online. Do they provide warranty on defects? Do they package PCB boards in a correct way? These are small signs that separate the average suppliers from the high-end ones.

Finding the best PCB supplier ultimately requires due diligence. This is definitely worth to do considering the importance of PCB quality.

PCB Supplier  

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