How to Adjust the Brightness of an LED

Dated:2016-09-21      Popularity:1256


LED is kind of mini light bulb, a small component that creates light. Many beginners are likely to make it as their first works as it is simple. But how to adjust the brightness of an LED may still confuse many beginners, actually, there are two ways to change the brightness of the LED. 

Change the resistor value: To change the brightness by adjusting the resistor value just adding a potentiometer in series with the LED. When you adjust the knob of the resistor, the brightness of the LED will change.

Turn it on and off fast: Another method is to turn the LED on and off fast. Maybe a few hundred times per second. Usually you want to use a microcontroller for this. By adjusting the percentage the LED is on versus off, it will appear to the eye that the brightness changes.


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