How to Avoid Solder Bridge?

Dated:2017-05-11      Popularity:1186

Solder bridges or shorts have become more challenging to deal with for those who fabricate or manufacture printed circuit boards. A solder bridge or short occurs when a solder is connecting and crossing one lead to another lead improperly. What makes them difficult to deal with is the fact that they are microscopic, which means that they can’t usually be detected by the naked eye if one is present.

So can we avoid solder bridges before detecting them by machine. The good news is that the answer to this question is an absolute yes. As we know, shorts are extremely difficult to identify before it is too late. This begins in the design process. Meeting with your manufacturer and listening to their thoughts and expert advice when it comes to the fabrication process can prove extremely beneficial and definitely avoid some additional costly mistakes in the entire practice. Listening to the manufacturer  is important, if they do find a flaw in the design they will immediately start developing a work around or an alternative solution that will ensure the successful completion of your printed circuit project.

Solder bridges account for about 15% of the problems that manufacturers may face while creating your printed circuit board. The best advice to follow is to be as careful as you can during the design process. Design flaws are normally the main reason for solder bridges. Finding the flaw or better yet not making a mistake in the design process would be the perfect way to avoid them.

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