How to Build Your Own PCBs

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Actually, it is not difficult for you to build your own printed circuit boards, and EPCB can provide you with three different methods.

Etching: It is probably the most common method for beginners to build circuit boards. There are six steps for you to do when etching, the first is to print your board layout on a sheet of transparent paper and then transfer the layout to the board. After that, you need to put the board in a PCB developer solution and then put your board in an etching solution. The last two steps are to clean your board and drill holes on it.

CNC mill: A CNC mill is a machine that mills off the unwanted copper of your board. Though CNC mills can be very expensive, and place vias manually is troublesome, still many beginners and hobbyists are willing to choose this way.

Fab house: The process goes like this: design your PCB with the help of some PCB Software, create Gerber files, and send your Gerber files to a prototype manufacturer. Then what you have to do is wait, though the whole process is longer than the above two methods, you can build really complicated circuit boards.


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