How to Choose Your PCB Manufacturer?

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Etching Equipment

Today, over 3,000 printed circuit boards manufacturers are formed in Asia. To choose the suitable one for your PCB product, you should know if they have the equipment to manufacture flexible circuit boards? 

Coverlay Lamination 
When you attach a coverlay to a flex circuit, it must be done under pressure and at a certain temperature. When manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards, we use multi cavity lamination press to press layers together when producing multilayer(s).

Etching Equipment 
You could create work around to use the one piece of equipment for most type of project. Dedicated develop-etch-strip lines for flex circuits is a must as thin core flexible materials must be processed on specialized equipment with certain types of rollers along with different chemistries that allow companies to process very tight line and space widths on these circuits.
When trying to process thin core flexible circuit board that is designed for rigid PCBs, panels will be wrapped up around rollers, unevenly etched as the panel flexes when the chemistry is sprayed during the process.

Laser Drills
Typically laser drills are used to drill mircovias in very high technology printed circuit boards. But what they are also used for is control depth routing and routing of internal patterns on rigid flex circuits as well. When you have a complex design where the flexible PCB that connects the rigid sections is non-conventional shape, we must laminate the flex and rigid sections as complete panels. Then at the end of the process we use a laser cutter to rout away the unwanted material down to the final designs.

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