How to Choose Your PCB Manufacturer

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There are numerous PCB manufacturers in the world, how to choose the one to work with is really confusing. In this post, we will state 3 points for your reference when choosing a qualified PCB manufacturer.

Labor Capacity: You should learn recruitment and training records or plans for workers on the line producing your parts. And before mass fabrication your PCB boards, choose a few workers at random to check their training records and see if they are qualified for the work instructions for their position on the production line. A quailed worker can save money for you to some extent.

Product Yield and Rework Process: You should have a clear plan for gathering production yields at predefined points. For example: EMS supplier should have yield data at AOI, FCT test and further yield data at final assembly test. They should have a clear plan how to rework the failed units. This is a critical area to audit since the process makes good parts not the tooling or equipment. 

Testing Capability: The manufacturer you work with should have a testing plan to meet the capacity of the line based on your requirement. Their test plan should include all the key criteria to test which you outlined in your requirement file. If you required the test equipment, then check if they really understand the equipment and how to maintain this equipment. Check if they have spare parts for the test equipment to avoid any accident.

All in all, it is critical to visit the production line prior to mass production.

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