How to Choose a Best PCB Supplier

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Hardware designers always want their circuit working properly on the PCB, just as it does in the PCB design software. But the fact is that even with advanced machines, PCB board is bound to have some problems. It can be frustrating for PCB designers when their flawless design is compromised by flaws due to imperfect printing.

Therefore, choosing a reliable PCB supplier is really important, you can not just consider the cost alone. This is especially true when your PCB involves fine-pitch components or multilayer design. PCB suppliers without strict quality control procedures will naturally produce defective PCBs.

EPCB regards that you should consider the following things when choosing the best PCB supplier.

Customer reviews-- One of the best evaluation factors of PCB suppliers is the customer's reviews. Check out their website, social media, and other forums to find out about the customers who have experienced their services.

Rejection rates-- No PCB manufacturer can manage 100% rejection rates, even they use all the latest tools. Transparent suppliers will be able to provide you with figures that reflect the quality control of their manufacturing processes.

Capability-- If your design has tracks that are less than 6 mils, make sure that your participating PCB supplier is capable of producing the product. The same goes to the limit of layers a PCB supplier can handle.

Delivery time-- When you are working under a tight schedule, delaying one day of delivery may disrupt your entire production plan. Before ordering large quantities, place a smaller order from your new PCB supplier to check the punctuality.

Although price is not the only factor in selecting a PCB supplier, it is still a decisive factor when competition is very intense. Make sure the PCB cost is reasonable and still within your budget.

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