How to Choose a Good Motherboard?

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How to choose a good motherboard may be a problem for people. In this article, we will tell you some practical skills to help you choose good motherboards easily.

PCB is the abbreviation of the printed circuit board, generally used for more sophisticated circuit design. Some of the early motherboard is a four-layer PCB, now six or eight layers are more common, and the graphics card or memory PCB can even reach twelve layers. 

Memory or graphics card are frequently used when computer process data, and a little bit of interference will make the data deviation, so two or even four layers of the signal shield are designed in the middle of the circuit board to reduce signal interference.

It doesn’t mean that the more PCB printed layers the better, because the more layers of PCB requires the more complex processes and more complicated PCB design. In fact, PCB printed layer can only be used as a reference instead of play a leading role.

So when get a motherboard, you need to check the following parts to make sure its quality. They are plug-in, inductance and Mosfet tube, capacitance, traces, and chips.

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