How to Choose a PCB Manufacturer?

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There are numerous PCB manufacturers in each country, thus buyers always feel confused about how to choose a suitable one. In this article, EPCB outline some tips, and hope it can help you. 

Tip 1: Learn Machine Info.
  The machine they use is new or old as well as its parameter and accuracy can be very critical, because it can influence productivity and yield to some extent. If machines are not very accurate, then they will fail to handle placement of the smallest components with tiny footprint package. Or some old machines may slow down the production due to fabricating more defective products. 

Tip 2: Learn which Quality Inspection they Implement
  Everybody knows that quality control is crucial when evaluating manufacturing operation. For PCB operation, most manufacturers implement the following quality control operations. The first step is human check which uses in every manufacturer to make sure components are properly soldered. Next is to check by machine. And then is test board function, aiming to make sure PCBs are able to function the way it should.

Tip 3: Learn their Production Lines Quantity
  If your order is urgent and in large volume, then several lines running simultaneously in one manufacturer are more likely to complete your order than in one with less production lines.

Tip 4: Learn their Standard Passive Components Stock
  Most PCB manufacturers will maintain some stock of common components such as resistors, capacitors, diode, transistors, inductors, etc. So you don’t need to provide them, and it can indirectly reduce your cost because you won’t have extra inventory.

Tip 5: Learn if they Accept Small Order
  Before placing a large order in a new cooperated company, we will place a small one to check if their prototype is satisfactory, so the manufacturer you choose must accept small orders. 

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