How to Choose an Automotive PCBA Supplier?

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In this article, EPCB summarizes four parts for you to measure an automotive PCBA supplier.

The Design Ability: Most of small automotive PCBA suppliers do not have own design ability. This means if an automotive PCBA supplier is unable to design by itself, 99%+ it is a small one. You’d better not to cooperate with them, because an automotive PCBA supplier with design ability can help customers check the PCBA design file. It’s really an additional advantage, isn’t it?

The Logistics Ability: It’s not the main factor to choose an automotive PCBA supplier, but it is really attractive. Because different logistics companies have different shipping cost and delivery time, if your supplier has the logistics ability, at least you’re 99%+ guaranteed for your goods shipping. 

The Production Ability: The production ability plays a great role in choosing an automotive PCBA supplier. It depends on many factors like the assembly operator, the equipment, etc. 

The Sourcing Ability: The sourcing ability contains two categories. One is the PCB fabrication source, because most PCBA supplies have 0 PCB factory, so they have to source from other PCB suppliers. Another is the component sourcing ability. This can provide PCB to in short time, especially when you’re in urgent. 

So when you choose an automotive PCBA supplier next time, please combine the above four factors.

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