How to Desolder a Solder Joint

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To know how to desolder a solder joint sometimes is as important as know how to solder. You may need to make a correction to your electronic circuit during processing. Maybe you soldered a component in a wrong location or maybe two of your pads have accidentally been connected by some extra solder. Under these circumstances, you need to know desoldering.

You can desolder with a solder sucker, a solder wick, or even without any desoldering tools. The third one looks amazing, and here we EPCB will give a brief introduction about its procedure. Suppose you need to remove extra solder bridge between two pads, just heating the solder joints and then poking around with the tip of the iron until the bridge is gone. However, we don't recommend this method unless you have no solder suck, solder wick or any other alternative. Finally, we find that a solder wick is sometimes much easier to use when you are dealing with smaller pads and pins.


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