How to Determine PCB Materials

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Printed circuit board is an important integral part of any modern electronic device, which determines the functioning and operations of the electronic device. Each material has its own function in the design. An increase in the complexity of the design leads to an increase use of material

There are different types of PCB that uses different industry approved materials. These materials are determined based on the requirements of the PCB designs and the budget of your PCB project. The following three steps help you in choosing the right material for your PCB design.

Copper Clad Laminate

Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) -- PCB materials are chosen based on the requirements of reinforcing material, flammability and CCL Performance.

Substrate Material -- It is the base layer used as the foundation of the PCB. There are different materials available for substrate, but the basic industry standard material is flame retardant fiberglass (FR-4).

Silksreen and Soldermask -- The material used for soldermask is usually industry standards and it is often the same with most of PCBs. Silkscreen is the final layer on the PCB, it is usually white, and it marks the letters and numeric indicators for easily read by tech programmers.

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