How to Etch a Printed Circuit Board

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Have you ever thought of making a printed circuit board at home? You can now use it for all types of home-made electronics.

1.Wear goggles and gloves (not optional). Always remember safety first. You can blind yourself easily!

2.Make sure the area is well ventilated before mixing. Chemicals will produce harmful fumes that may do harm to your health.

3.Use non-metallic basin. Check if it can tolerate the acid using a few drops.

4.Gently pour one part hydrochloric acid into every two parts hydrogen peroxide (add acid to water). When mixed together, they can generate severe skin irritants and can produce toxic chlorine gas.

5.Enough solution to completely submerge the circuit board.

6.Gently place on the circuit board and stir for 10 to 15 minutes. The solution will be warmer and smoky. 

7.Continue stirring until all copper is dissolved and the solution appears slight green tinge.

8.Do wear gloves when cleaning. Clean circuit board with cold water to remove any etching solution. Then completely dry it with a towel or rag. Put it aside. Make sure there are no solutions in the work area or in the container and then take off gloves and goggles.

Clean circuit board in cold water to remove any etching solution

9.Mix acetone and rubbing alcohol at 1:1 ratio. Pick up the paper towel, immerse it in the solution and gently wipe the board surface. Permanent markings will begin to fall off. Continue rubbing until all markers disappear. You should see your circuit is now carved in copper.

10.Etching solutions are toxic to fish and other water organisms. Do not pour it into the sink when you finished. This is illegal and can damage your pipelines.

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