How to Generate PCB Gerber File

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PCB Gerber file is really important for PCB manufacturers.Therefore, how to generate a correct PCB Gerber file can determine if the finished PCB boards are high-quality circuit boards or not. Its procedure are listed as follows:

1.DRC Check


Before generating a Gerber file for a certain PCB board, you must run DRC to ensure that the board does not have any fatal error.

a.Execute the menu Display>Status, the following dialog box pops up.

First check the dynamic Shape

PCB Shape

If the button Update to Smooth is gray, it is OK, otherwise, select the Update to Smooth button to execute the command.

b.Then select the Update DRC button to execute the command and check whether the fields such as Unplaced symbols are green: if any of the fields shows yellow, then  you must double check this field.

2.Database Check

There is a Check Database before Artwork in the bottom left of the Film Control. Select the database check. If there is an error, you need to execute the menu Tools>Database Check and then solve the problems that have arisen.  

3.Create Artwork

Select the films to be output under Available films. Click the Create Artwork button to execute the command. Click the Viewlog button to view the photoplotlog file and ensure that the file is created accurately.

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PCB Gerber File  

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