How to Get the Voltage You Need?

Dated:2016-09-19      Popularity:1108

How to easily get the voltage you need is a common question for beginners, hobbyists, etc. For example, you need 5 volts for your circuit, but how can you get 5 volts from your 9V battery? The common way is to use a voltage regulator. It’s a component that takes one input voltage and gives a different output voltage. And it’s very easy to use. It’s a component that consists of several basic components like transistors and such to make it behave the way it does. And you can use more than one in a circuit if you want. For example if you have a circuit that needs both 5V and 3.3V, and you want to power it with a 9V battery. Then you can use one 5V regulator and one 3.3V regulator. They are very useful.

Voltage Regulator  

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