How to Identify a Good PCB?

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PCB Board

With the rapid development of electronic devices, the output of PCB board has continuously increased, and the requirement for PCB layer number, weight, accuracy, color, reliability and more has increased a lot at the same time.

Due to the severe price competition and the increasing raw material price, more and more manufacturers in China have to lower their PCB cost to appeal more customers. However, the lower PCB board cost sometimes implies some potential defects on final PCB board which may not appear in a short time. So it is important to know how to identify a good PCB, EPCB here discuss several steps from two categories.

Check the appearance of PCB board from three aspects.
a. You can check it the board thickness and dimension is exactly the same with your requirement.
b. Make sure the solder mask is bright.
c. Make sure components on the board is tightly soldered in a good shape.

A good PCB board should comply with the following rules.
a. Lines’ width, thickness and spacing are proper in order to avoid shorts.
b. Copper won’t peel off under high temperature.
c. The board surface is hard to be oxidized, otherwise, will influence installation rate. 
d. No extra electromagnetic radiation. 
e. The board outline is fully in accordance with the design requirement, or within distortion tolerance. 

When you buy PCB boards, you should take the above tips into consideration. That can 99%+ make sure you will get a good PCB board.


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