How to Judge if PCB Boards are Good or Bad

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PCB Board

PCB board industry has grown rapidly with the fast development of mobile phone, electronics and communications industries. Meanwhile, requirements for PCB boards are more demanding in terms of layer number, weight, precision, material, color and reliability.

Due to the fierce market price competition, more and more manufacturers are trying to monopolize the market at low prices in order to enhance their core competitiveness even PCB material costs are on the rise. However, these low prices are achieved by reducing material and manufacturing costs, thus devices with low precision and performance are easily to have cracks, abrasions, and other defaults. Seriously, it may affect the use of products’ solderability, reliability, etc.

Thus, learn to judge if a PCB board is good or bad is important. It can be started from two aspects: the appearance, and PCB board’s quality norms.

Judge from the appearance of a printed circuit board
1.Standard rules for size and thickness: different PCB boards have different standard rules, you should measure the thickness and size based on your product’s specifications.
2.Color: external circuit boards are covered with ink which plays a role in insulation, if the board color is not bright with less ink, the board itself is not good.
3.Solder appearance: there are lots of components on a PCB board, thus, if the soldering is not good, components are easy to fall off from the circuit board, that can seriously affect the PCB quality.

High-quality PCB board needs to meet the following requirements:
1.After the components are installed, the electrical connection should meet the requirements;
2.To avoid line, open circuit, or short circuit, line width, thickness, and spacing are all required to meet the requirements;
3.Copper is not easy to fall off at high temperatures;
4.Copper surface is not easy to oxidation, otherwise, it will affect the installation speed;
5.No extra electromagnetic radiation;
6.To avoid surface deformation and screw hole dislocation after installation, distorted board shape is not allowed even just a little.
7.Surface mechanical properties are required to meet the installation requirements.

PCB Boards  

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