How to Layout PCB Better?

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Complex PCB Board

PCB board layout completely determines the quality of final printed circuit boards. That’s why how to layout printed circuit boards better is always a concern among PCB designers, especially for new designers, students, and hobbyists. 

Layout and wiring is not completely separate, because a good layout is a good basis for wiring. Most of you may have such experience that use a component to turn the direction may lead to wiring changes, two or more changes, even more. In the PCB layout, you can’t estimate how many changes will happen during the distribution process. But you can try to minimize the times because every change is not without purpose. EPCB suggests that you should take the following factors into considerations: 

1. Properly separate analog and digital circuits.
2. High-speed signal lines, the main signal lines can be the most priority, the most simple and most effective alignment.
3. Common signal lines can be easily completed in a very simple way alignment.
4. Low-speed signal line naturally in a relatively "unreasonable" form, a reasonable way to avoid the high-speed signal line shape.
5. Power lines in the easy formation of a reasonable loop and branch.

Power supplies and power cords are always designed in the last step, even though power supply is prone to problems with electromagnetic compatibility. We always look down upon the wiring layout, but whether to leave their living space, and whether they impede the alignment of other signal alignment are really important that cannot’ be ignored. 

PCB Layout  

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