How to Prevent PCB Delays?

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PCB Turnaround

When it comes to manufacturing, time is really important to customers. Always, we are used to worrying about if our printed circuit boards can delivered on time. To avoid your PCB delays, follow guidelines in this article can eliminate many of the issues that may cause your circuit board order to be placed on hold. 

When submitting an order, know what you need to prevent delays into production. A complete data package consist of Gerber files, drill file, clean accurate profiles 1:1 of you PCB outline, and a fabrication drawing.

Specify overall thickness, desired copper finished weights for internal and external layers, soldermask and silk screen colors for application and surface finish to be applied.

Make sure fabrication drawings have manufacturing tolerances where needed. All routing +\-.005 are best for ease of manufacturing, +\-.003 on all plated holes, +\-.002 on non-plated through holes.

Specify IPC standards for production class II or class III. Use common terms such as press fit holes, impedance controls, RoHS compliant instead of your own terms when get your quotation.

Provide details for the desired array layout. Do you allow scoring or prefer routing? Be sure data allows for processing both profiles, keeping copper away from the edges of the PCB. When available, supply details in a drawing with clear dimensional requirements.

Know your laminate specification basics. Specify the laminate by Tg requirement and not by brand for quicker production.

Following these guidelines will definitely reduce many problems. Remember to submit a complete PCB data package to prevent your printed circuit boards delivered on time.

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