How to Program Microcontrollers?

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Have you ever thought whether it’s possible to learn electronics and how to program microcontrollers in C on your own as a hobbyist? Of course, it is absolutely possible to learn how to program microcontrollers in C on your own without going to college. If you really want to learn electronics, then you have to go for it. Here we are going to suggest 3 alternative routes for you: 
Start with Arduino. It uses a simplified version of C, and it is extremely easy to get started. You won’t learn all the ins and outs of a microcontroller, but you’ll get up and running really fast. 
Use a microcontroller breakout board. This way you don’t have to solder anything, but you get to try out how it is to program a microcontroller.
Build the electronics yourself, and program it yourself from scratch. This is the hardest, but it’s useful. If you have never built any circuits before, building the circuit in the last option might be a bit difficult. But all it takes is some practice.


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