How to Quickly Debug PCB Board?

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Damaged Resistor

PCB production is not difficult compared with the troubleshooting on finished PCB boards. No matter to hobbyists, engineering students or senior engineers, debugging is always a disturbing problem.

Some people have a strong interest in debugging PCB circuit board, as programmers solving the bug. Common printed circuit board problems are caused by PCB design error, electronic components damage, short circuit, inferior components, disconnection fault, etc.

Common PCB circuit board failure is mainly caused by damaged components, like capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, field effects, and integrated chip. Those faults can be examined just by visual check, because sears are easily to find on the surface of damaged electronic components. To solve those problems, you just need to replace a new component.

Of course, not all damaged electronic components can be observed solely with our naked eye, such as the above-mentioned resistance, capacitance, transistor, etc., in some cases, damages cannot be seen from the surface, you need to use professional inspection tools, like multi meter, capacitance meter, etc., for further check. If the voltage or current about an electronic component is not within the normal range, that means this component may have problems. Just replace it and check if the new one is normal or not.

Have you experienced that no problem is detected by eyes or tools, but your PCB board still cannot work. Some of you may re-do a board, or buy a piece. Sometimes, this may be caused by component coordination work problem.
In this case, the inspection tools are useless, so you need to evaluate the possible damage part based on the current or voltage even though specific damage components cannot be 100% sure. Then you have to replace a suspicious component until you find the problem one. 

The above mentioned are all about electronic component problems. Hope this article is useful for your next PCB debugging process.

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