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When designing a printed circuit board, there are several factors that must be taken into account, especially for the new PCB designers. The majority of beginner PCB designers haven’t realized that basic width, spacing and many other basic rules really have a big impact on the tooling costs and PCB price. If you want to keep your whole expense to a minimum, we recommend you to follow our recommendations as follows: 

Rule of Thumb for Board Size: The most basic and obvious rule is to keep the board size to a minimum. The bigger the board size, the more expensive the unit cost. 

Rule of Thumb for Board Shape: Compared to the standard board shapes like square or rectangles, boards in irregular shapes definitely add extra cost. So if the board shape is not required or important, a square or rectangular shape for standard PCB boards is completely enough.

Rule of Thumb for Board Slots: Try to avoid slots (or internal cutouts) unless necessary for mounting purposes, because PCB manufacturers always charge you an extra cost for making slots or cutouts on the board, so it is better not to avoid them to reduce the cost unless it is a must.

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