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Printed Circuit Board

When designing a printed circuit board, there are several factors that must be taken into account, especially for the new PCB designers. The majority of beginner PCB designers haven’t realized that basic width, spacing and many other basic rules really have a big impact on the tooling costs and PCB costs. If you want to keep your whole expense to a minimum, we recommend you to follow the rule of thumb for holes: The smaller the holes and annular rings, the more expensive the PCB board.

Always try best to design bigger diameter for board holes. Otherwise, PCB manufacturers will charge an extra expense because smaller holes are fabricated on the more precise machinery. Often, if the diameter of your board holes is smaller than 0.4mm, then you are possibly required to pay more. 

Minimum annular ring is an important specification only used in the through-hole pads and vias to directly show the minimum distance between the hole's border and the pad's border.

Some manufacturers’ specification for minimum annular ring is 0.3mm instead of 0.4mm. So you’d better contact your manufacturer to confirm the data, maybe you can avoid an extra cost. And we suggest that even your manufacturer is capable to fabricate 0.3mm annular ring without any extra cost, it’s a good idea to leave a little margin because machines always have tolerances greater than 0. 

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