How to Reduce PCB Thermal Issues

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Excessive heat is the enemy of PCBs. In this article, EPCB will share you about how to reduce thermal issues in PCB. 

Electronic products are always influenced by the heat generated during the fabrication process and the operating environments temperature. As the excessive heat is the enemy of PCBs which can cause potential bad effect on boards, it must be reduced or managed to make sure the final PCBs can operate reliably and function smoothly. 

When electron passes through components and board circuitry, it will generate heat. But as the electronic device’s size is smaller, the closer packing of heat sources makes the heat management issues more critical.

Heat is easily generated by complicated integrated circuits, power transistors, transformers, and any component that passes a great amount of current. However, even passive resistors and capacitors can create heat if they are not compatible with the rated current.

Laminate materials for PCB board should be taken into consideration when selecting, because different laminate material has different property, for example, some can dissipate the heat from the conductors and the component easily, some can handle any vibrational conditions, etc. To reduce or manage the heat better, PCB designers must understand the following mechanical properties: safe continuous operation temperature of the board materials, glass transition temperature, and coefficient of thermal expansion. Always, heat sinks, thermal vias, plane, and fans are used to reduce heat. 

To manage PCB thermal issues, you should choose correct materials to protect the integrity of PTHs, minimize thermal mismatch between the board and the components, and set a suitable solder heat when designing.  

PCB  Thermal Issues  

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