How to Save PCB Manufacturing Cost

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Everybody wants to buy things with the best price. In this post, we will tell some tips to save your PCB manufacturing cost as much as possible. 

Equipment Capacity: Factories should provide you with the capacity calculations of each piece of equipment and for each step in the manufacturing process. This should focus on the equipment to produce your product only. You should have a written process flow about which equipment they will be used. This will flag you which machines need to pay for. For example: If your products don’t need a clean room, then fabricating in a clean room is a waste of money. 

Equipment Maintenance: Factory should have a clear maintenance plan for all the machines which is posted on the machine. You should select a machine on the line which will produce your product then review the maintenance schedule and sign off by the maintenance engineers. If the factory has a tool shop then ask for the tool maintenance records. For example: A stamping tool should have a record from the tool maker for every time it is shimmed, sharpened or punch is replaced. Another reason to check the tooling is because sometimes you will find the supplier is not making your parts or part of the production is being outsourced.

It is critical to visit the production line prior to mass production.

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