How to Speed Up the PCB Design Cycle?

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PCB design cycle really matters in the whole PCB production process, so how to speed up the PCB design cycle? Here we’d like to give you some advice.

One thing is clear that printed circuit boards today is much more complicated and challenging than ever, so PCB designers are required to command following knowledge when designing leading-edge circuit boards. They have to: have a strong knowledge of the capabilities of the CAD software; understand PCB fabrication processes; have a general knowledge of electronics and component functionality; have a general knowledge of signal and power integrity; understand PCB assembly processes.

Besides, designers have to understand industry specification. In addition to all of these challenges, designers have to be efficient three-dimensional puzzles solvers because time-to-market is still a vitally important objective. After all, time is money. To balance the technical and timing demands, efficient use of the CAD tools, floor planning and effective communication with all parties are required.

Fortunately, there are many PCB CAD software developers make great strides at improving the capabilities of PCB layout tools. This has made it much faster to route differential pairs, create shapes or replicate circuits. 

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