How to Store PCB?

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After the final inspection process, how to pack and store PCBs are very critical before PCB shipping. EPCB will provide you a brief introduction to the PCB board storage and shelf life.

The finished PCB needs vacuum package to protect them from outside environment, because generally the components on the PCB will be oxidized which can affect the welding and conductivity if it is not completely sealed.

So, we should make sure the vacuum package won’t be damaged when store PCBs. Always, we put PCBs in the center of carton with much bubble file around them to keep moisture away. Then place the carton closed to the wall in a dry and ventilated place, but also avoid the sun exposure. 

The best temperature in warehouse is around 23±3℃, the relative humidity is around 55±10%. Under this circumstance, generally gold, tin, silver or other PCB surface finish can be stored for almost six months, while immersion silver, immersion tin or other PCB surface finish can be stored for almost three months. EPCB here recommends a traditional method that is to use the anti-corrosion paint on PCB top layer which can keep the shelf life of PCBs for almost 9 months.

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