How to Test Alligator Clips

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Alligator Clip Wire

In this article, you can learn more about how to test alligator clips- to check whether it is good or not. Many times in circuits, we use alligator clips to connect various parts of circuits together. They are so useful that we always forget that they also can be bad, even though it is rare. If the alligator clips are bad, then it will not play the role of a good connector in the circuit, which means it will not electrically connect elements in a circuit. Thus, the circuit will lack continuity and will not be able to function.

If a circuit is discontinuous and you're using alligator clips, you can easily check whether it is good or faulty. To test alligator clips, all we need is a multimeter which has a continuity tester. We take the multimeter and place it in continuity mode. We place one probe on one clip and the other probe on the other clip on the end of the wire.

If the continuity beeps, signaling the ends are continuous, then the alligator wire is good. If it does not, there is some break in the electrical connection of the alligator wire; it is faulty and should be discarded and replaced with a good alligator wire. And this is the simplest way to check whether alligator clip wire is good or not.


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