How to Use SMD Components?

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SMD Component

SMD components are severely tiny if you have never used them before. And the first time you want to solder one – you will probably start to doubt if you’re actually able to do it. But usually, it works out fine. 

SMD is short for surface-mount device. SMD components can take up much less space than the traditional through-hole components, that’s why most of the modern technology today is made with SMD components. With the surface mount technology, it’s also easier to mass-solder. You can solder a circuit with SMD components by baking it in an oven. A lot of the new integrated circuits are only available as surface mount.

You can solder SMD components either using a soldering iron, or using a reflow oven. To solder with a reflow oven, you place solder paste onto the pads before you place the components. Then you place the board in a reflow oven, which melts the solder paste and fastens the components. 

SMD Components  

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