How to Use Solder Paste

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Largely used in PCB assembly, solder paste is always printed onto the surface of the printed circuit board. So how to effectively print it onto the surface of the electronic PCB in the required place is really a good issue.

First of all, there are various types of solder paste, but that used for electronics manufacture is a form that can effectively be printed onto the surface of the electronic printed circuit board in the required place.

When solder paste is used in mass PCB assembly as well as prototype PCB assembly there are a number of stages that are undertaken. It should be warmed to room temperature before solder paste is applied to the printed circuit boards. The solder paste is only applied to the areas where solder is required. 

Once the solder paste has been applied to the printed circuit board, it is then passed into the pick and place machine where the components are added. The solder paste has sufficient tension that it holds the components in place. 

When used with care, it enables very high quality soldered joints to be produced, however very careful control of the process is required if this is to be maintained. It is necessary to apply the correct amount, and in the correct place. Additionally the solder paste must be within its expired date.

Solder Paste  

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