ICT Advantages

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In-circuit test is a very powerful tool for testing PCBs which has several advantages. When determining the best form of test for any given application, it is necessary to investigate the advantages of each system carefully.
Easily detect manufacturing defects: It is that most board faults arise from problems in manufacture - incorrect component inserted, a wrong value component, diodes, transistors or ICs inserted with incorrect orientation, short circuits and open circuits. These are very easily and quickly located using ICT as the in circuit tester checks components, continuity, etc.
Programme generation is easy: An In-Circuit tester is very easy to programme - files can be taken from the PCB layout to generate much of the programme required.
Test results easy to interpret: As the system will flag a particular node as having a short of open, or a particular component as being faulty, location of a problem in a board is normally very easy - and do not require the application of the most highly skilled test staff.

ICT  Advantages   

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