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Gone were the days where you need to wait for a few days before receiving a PCB quote from PCB suppliers and another couple of days to confirm a purchase order with them. With the fast development of internet technology, most PCB suppliers make full use of it and make online purchase much convenient  for customers. Currently, online PCB purchase can be done just within a few clicks. 

1.PCB Cost
Make sure the online ordering page offers you a complete quote, including an estimated shipping costs. Because you do not want to be surprised by any hidden costs when finally pay for your PCB online.

2.PCB Lead Time
Do not rush to click the purchase button. Make sure the PCB lead time matches your expectation. If you choose a shorter lead time while you don’t need, the cost may be higher.

3.Manufacturing Files
Most suppliers accept Gerber files, while some can manufacture your PCB from the design file itself. Depending on your preference, you should upload files accordingly before ordering the PCB online.

4.Layer Number

Layer Stackup
You need to make sure that the PCB layer you choose on the website fits your design. Most suppliers make double layers as default. If you need a multilayer PCB, different suppliers offers a different range of options for you.

5.PCB Materials
Most suppliers have FR-4 as default because it is the most common PCB material. If your design requires other materials, be sure to contact the supplier before placing an order, or you can find alternative materials on the page to choose from.

6.PCB Size
Since various suppliers have different PCB manufacturing capability, if you are designing a fairly large PCB, you’d better contact with customer support team online. 

7.PCB Solder Mask
The default and cheapest solder mask color is green. Suppliers also can offer other color options, but these may be more expensive.

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