Improve Your PCB Board Production Time

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Short PCB Leadtime

When it comes to manufacturing, PCB fabrication time is really important to customers. Always, we are used to worrying about if our printed circuit boards can delivered on time. To avoid your PCB order delay, work with a high quality PCB supplier is a good idea.

An excellent PCB board supplier needs to have a strong supply chain to support your required delivery with the quickest turn times both domestic or off shore. They know that even lead time is tight, scheduling is difficult, but any delays are unacceptable, because customers want their PCBs when they want them. Costs drive to tighten lead times and scheduling leaves no room for delays or errors.

Improve your time to production by using a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) service while in prototyping and design phase. Look for companies that provide a free DFM service along with expert engineering support to eliminate errors and delays. With a DFM service, you’re sure to address any hidden critical manufacturing issues before your order is placed allowing for corrections to be made without a change or revision. A lot of times errors are found after PCBs are manufactured, causing revisions to the PCB data, resulting in additional days to the lead time, and a more critical delivery.

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